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We have over 20 years of experience in providing dementia care specialists and care training in Kent, London and North Wales. Our team of qualified professionals are fully trained in dementia care along with CBT, social work, forensic psychology, psychotherapy and EMDR tailored for all ages. We couple our extensive biopsychosocial knowledge with a wider compassionate approach that takes into account the broader context of an individual’s social and emotional life. Recent improvements in medical knowledge of the brain and its behavior give hope to dementia researchers, which is why we say that nothing is impossible with our patients. Our live-in care and supported living care service therefore employs a holistic, personalised approach, finding out what kind of treatment suits their specific needs.

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We understand that safeguarding and compliance is absolutely paramount when it comes to working with vulnerable people. That is why Dementia Care and Therapeutic Training employs a stringent defence safeguarding policy to protect service users, making sure that we never place a member of staff without running them through our watertight compliance checks. These compliance standards include but are not limited to:

  • Qualifications
  • Professional Body Registration
  • Mandatory training
  • Right to work documents (original passport checks)
  • Proof of ID
  • 2 proofs of address (dated within the last three months)
  • Enhanced DBS (must be on the update service)
  • Proof of National Insurance
  • Medically fit to work clearance
  • Full CV history
  • Three years of references
  • Professional (RCN/BASW) Indemnity Insurance

Working within all NHS frameworks and in line with education provisions, our dementia care specialists and care training service in Kent, London and North Wales guarantee the highest quality of safeguarding and care around the clock, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Become a Care Expert in Two Weeks


We aim to transmit this holistic approach, along with the knowledge accumulated over 20 years, to the next generation of carers. The mental health industry is experiencing all-time lows in dementia-trained staffing, which is why we are dedicated to providing expert training for support workers, carers, project workers and nurses in dementia and general care. Following five years of our training programme, we are now taking it to the next level, liaising with our Alliance Care Homes (ACH) and other dementia sufferers alongside those living independently with other ailments, to find the best candidates. This role impacts on people’s lives, so our training is extremely strict, and includes one week of theory and a week of practical experience with patients ahead of an exam at the end, with candidates needing a mark of 85% to immediately qualify as a senior carer and a minimum mark of 75% before being placed as a trainee with Dementia Care and Therapeutic Training.

If you require a dementia care specialist or care training in Kent, London or North Wales, do not hesitate to contact our ever-growing team of professionals.


Our Care Services & EMDR Therapy

Along with expert care for those with dementia, our carers also look after those with mental health problems, learning difficulties, physical disability and other conditions such as autism and eating disorders. Another key aspect of our service is supporting people with live in care, taking pressure off families by looking after daily necessities, along with supported living, which is geared towards enabling clients to increase the control they have over their own lives.

EMDR & CBT Therapy Services

Dementia Care & Therapeutic Training (DCTT) has group of professionals from psychotherapy background with wealth of experience in EMDR, CBT, Counselling is humanistic which means that clients are at the centre of therapy, being respected, listen to and acknowledging the feelings and emotions that clients are experiencing in the clinics. As DCTT has training centres for Dementia & General care training in Wales- Conwy, Kent  and London so do we have counselling clinics in these locations. Our Member Organisations include: EMDR UK & Ireland; BACP;  Royal Society of Medicine; Nursing & Midwifery Council; Social Care Wales and HCPC. For further enquiry, please speak to Matthew on 02039077716.

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Our Training Programme

We provide dementia care specialists and general care training in Kent, London and North Wales for those looking for employment as a support worker, carer or other professions in the care industry. For £499, we will equip you with the mandatory training and practical experience in reputable care and residential placements. The intensive training programme entails one week in a classroom and a week of practical training in one of our Alliance Care Homes (ACH).

For interested care home owners who want to become an ACH member and subsequently receive a 15% discount on staffing, please complete the ACH referral form on our site and one of our friendly consultants with get in touch.  

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Our Candidates

Dementia and mental health care jobs impact on the lives of many people, so we take the training process extremely seriously. Candidates are expected to attain a minimum mark of 80% in the final exam following the two-week training period before they are allowed to enter the field of care. Moreover, it is mandatory for staff to continuously develop their skills, including the adoption a holistic approach that takes into account the patient’s personality and needs.

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Our Clients

Our care training service in Kent, London and North Wales has an outstanding track record of working collaboratively with local care homes, NHS services, local authorities, private services and educational institutions to guarantee optimum care. We are part of the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP), which provides a platform for all dementia sufferers and allows them to come together and share their experiences in a friendly, hospitable environment. 


  • Our trainees would be assigned to your facilities for a week for practical learning which in turn provides you extra-hand in staffing with no financial cost to your organisation.
  • ACH members have direct access through a password protected to book staff staff on our site at a very short notice.
  • ACH members enjoy 15% discount reduction anytime we supply them staff we both train together to strengthening your staffing level.
  • You are given access to our army of trained Generic and Dementia Support workers, Nurses and other professionals capable of enacting turnaround at your organisation.
  • We provide backbone-support to all our Alliance Care Homes up and down UK, especially those due for CQC/CIW inspections by providing vital hints on dementia-friendly environment. How to adapt Health & Social Care- care plan for dementia sufferers and many more at a discounted price.

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If you require a dementia care specialist or care training in Kent, London or North Wales, don't hesitate to contact our ever-growing team of professionals.

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