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Dementia Care and Therapeutic Training


A Dementia Treatment That Works for You

DCTT Domiciliary Care Service   provides personal care and support to people in their own homes to keep them as independent and active as possible, it is a registered company in England & Wales. The directors have over 50 years of combined experience in  Health & Social Care and in care training.  Our team of qualified professionals consist of: Social Workers, Nurses, Therapists, Support Workers and Carers. The organisation range of services include: 

  • personal care and support at pre-arranged times 
  • 24-hour care
  • evening and daytime sitting services
  • help with housework,Shopping and other activities of daily living
  • Urgent Care services
  • We train and provide dementia carers/care assistants to private &NHS facilities
  • Extra-Care Housing services
  • Personal and/or Family Carers
  • Long-term conditions services

Our live-in care and supported living care service therefore employs a holistic, personalised approach, finding out what kind of intervention suits their specific needs.

VAT Registration Number: 342 2835 14.

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We understand that safeguarding and compliance is absolutely paramount when it comes to working with vulnerable people. That is why DCTT employs a stringent safeguarding policy to protect service users, making sure that we never place a member of staff without running them through our watertight compliance checks. These compliance standards include but are not limited to:

  • Qualifications
  • Professional Body Registration
  • Mandatory training
  • Right to work documents (original passport checks)
  • Proof of ID
  • 2 proofs of address (dated within the last three months)
  • Enhanced DBS (must be on the update service)
  • Proof of National Insurance
  • Medically fit to work clearance
  • Full CV history
  • Three years of references
  • Professional (RCN/BASW) Indemnity Insurance

DCTT Domiciliary Care Service is regulated by CIW and  working inline with NHS frameworks we place priority on  safeguarding  our vulnerable clients at all times. 

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The Policy

The organisation is committed to working in a collaborative inclusive and constructive manner, both internally and with our external multi-agency partners to the mutual benefit of our Service Users. We have developed a set of Principles which inform our way of working with each other and how we interact with our partner agencies.

We have developed the Principles set out below which DCTT Domiciliary Care Service has adopted as effective from April 2019.

The Principles

Our effective Manager /Responsible Individual will provide good governance and leadership by:

  • Understanding their role
  • Ensuring delivery of organisational purpose
  • Working effectively both as individuals and as a team
  • Exercising effective control
  • Acting with integrity
  • Being open and accountable.

The roles impact on people’s lives, so our training is extremely strict, which include theory and practical experience on how to provide qualitative care to our vulnerable clients. At the same time we strive to reward our workforce with decent pay rate with future pay review for our Nurses, Social workers, carers/Support workers.  

For employment and  care training in Kent, London, Manchester or North Wales, do not hesitate to contact our ever-growing team of professionals.


Best Interest of our Service Users


DCTT Domiciliary Care Service follows closely national and local safeguarding board strategies and policies. We requires staff to report and record any accident or mistake no matter how minor so that all possible steps can be taken to prevent and avoid such incidents from happening again. Kindly request a copy of DCTT's comprehensive safeguarding policy- Call Glory on 02039077716.

EMDR & CBT Therapy Services

DCTT Domiciliary Care Service has group of professionals: Social Workers, Nurses, Doctors who are trained in EMDR, CBT and Counselling. This  is humanistic, meaning clients are being listened to, respected,  and their feelings and emotion are acknowledged. 

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Our Training Programme

We provide dementia care specialists and general care training in Kent, Manchester, London and North Wales for those looking for employment as a support worker, carer or other professions in the care industry. 

Registered Mental Health Nurse £25 -£43 Per Hour (Wales)

Dementia Carers £12.50 -£15 Per Hour

Registered RMN/ Social Worker £32 - £40 Per Hour

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Locum Registered Mental Health Nurse -North Wales

CAMHS Practitioners(RMN/Social Workers)-North Wales


£32 Per Hour  - £38 Per Hour

Promoting and Maintaining Independence

Through our care planning we aim to promote the independence, including mobility, of people with dementia and physical disabilities. Care plans address activities of daily living that maximise independent activity, enhance function, adapt and develop skills, and minimise the need for total dependence and support. To achieve these we embrace : 

  • Consistent and stable staffing
  • Retaining a familiar environment
  • Minimising relocations
  • Assessment and care-planning advice regarding Activities of Daily Living (ADLs),
  • ADL skill training for Support Workers/ Occupational therapist
  • Assessment and care-planning advice about independent toileting skills; if incontinence occurs then all possible causes should be assessed and relevant treatments tried before concluding that it is permanent
  • Environmental modifications to aid independent functioning, including assistive technology, with advice from an occupational therapist and/or clinical psychologist
  • Physical exercise, with assessment and advice from a physiotherapist when needed
  • Support for people to go at their own pace and participate in activities they enjoy.

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Principles of Care for People living with Dementia

At the assessment of need and in the care plan we identify and address the specific needs and, wherever possible, the preferences of people with dementia and their carers:

Care plans are based on an assessment of the person with dementia’s life history, social and family circumstance, and preferences, as well as their physical and mental health needs and current level of functioning and abilities
There would be a coordinated delivery of health and social care services. A combined care plan agreed by health and social services that takes into account the changing needs of the person with dementia and their carers;  With collaboration between DCTT's staff, the service user and their family to develop the care plan, with formal reviews at a frequency agreed among all parties. Specific needs might include ill health, physical disability, sensory impairment, communication difficulties, problems with nutrition, poor oral health and learning disabilities. Diversity might include issues of gender, ethnicity, age (young or old), religion and personal care. Wherever possible, we aim to accommodate the diverse preferences of people with dementia and their carers, including regarding issues of diet, sexuality and religion.

Accessing Information

  • We help people to access support services who are suspected of having dementia because of evidence of functional and cognitive deterioration but who do not have sufficient memory impairment to be diagnosed with the condition
  • Language or acquired language impairment can be a barrier to accessing or understanding services; during the treatment and care we provide information is given in the preferred language or in an accessible format, with the ability to access independent interpreters as required
  • We ensure that our service users and their representatives have the support they require to access information on their right to receive direct payments, individual budgets (where available), and the difference between NHS care and care provided by local authority social services (adult services) so that they can make informed decisions about their eligibility for NHS Continuing Care
  • We provide any support required for the individual to access advocates to speak on their behalf.

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